I've always been a dreamer and an explorer and I've been creating since I was was 4.

I remember my first artistic critique was in junior kindergarten when a supply teacher told me my stick figure was missing it's torso- oops! As a teenager, trips downtown on the GO Train kept me curious, as I would spend hours staring at the latest photography exhibition at the AGO before endlessly flipping through CDs at the record stores on Queen Street West.

At university, my photography focused on memory, place, and home. Today, I apply that sensitivity to the weddings I shoot and the relationships I develop with my couples. But don't get me wrong, being the youngest of 5 children has definitely contributed to my joie de vivre, as I love to laugh, entertain, and amuse.

I love collaboration, and running Worker Bee Supply with my partner Eugen lets me be creative everyday while working with incredible artists. I'm constantly inspired by colour and design, and as a result have been published in some awesome Canadian magazines, such as Uppercase, Design Lines, and Chatelaine.

Wedding collections begin at $3400 and all packages include coverage, edited files, and the all important wedding day scheduling. We're going to make sure we maximize the time on your day while keeping stress to a minimum. Win-win.

Ready to get to know each other better? Let's meet for a drink. I'm located in the heart of Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood and can recommend anything from French patisseries to classic diners. I can't wait to learn about what makes you click: the projects you work on together, your favourite places to travel, and how you spend your weekend

Now that you know me, I'd love to get to know you.
Email me at hello@beccagilgan.com.