I focus on capturing moments charged with warmth, personality, and a dash of humour. My vibrant, colourful style is complemented with quiet, tender moments that will have you reflecting on the laughs you shared with your wedding party and the tears you shed during your parent's speech. When it comes to shooting, I hope to create an experience that's fun, relaxed, and leave you feeling so gosh darn good. And there's a good chance your family is going to love me!

 Ready to get to know each other better? I can't wait to learn about what makes you click: the projects you work on together, your favourite places to travel, and how you take your coffee.

Wedding collections begin at $2800. Please get in touch to request a price list. Portrait sessions (families, engagements, anniversaries) are $500. Events are charged by the hour.

 Send me an email at hello@beccagilgan.com or say hello below.
I can't wait to hear from you!