"From our very first meeting, we were sure that Becca was going to be an ideal fit for our wedding. She was upbeat, enthusiastic and very welcoming to our thoughts and ideas, while still being extremely professional. On the day of the wedding, she fuelled our excitement and happiness and kept us calm. She took amazing getting ready shots without ever asking us to move or change position, which I was really impressed by. At the ceremony, we never felt like she was right in our face or blocking the view for anyone – yet she got the most lovely photos. We’re still getting guests asking us who the wonderful photographer was. We are thrilled with the final photos. I was keen not to have many staged formal shots and instead get lots of candid ones. The staged shots she did take are wonderful and not too rigid, which made me really happy. She also captured so many beautiful unexpected moments between us, and our guests. Going through the photos for the first time, I kept squealing with delight as the gorgeous candid shots filled me with memories of the night. But the best part is that so many of the photos look like they were taken by a professional that knew our friends and family for years, rather than just for a few hours. They really capture our vibe, and I love that." - Paige & Tim

"We couldn't be happier with the photos that Becca took on our wedding day. We are both a little bit camera-shy, but she helped us feel at ease. Her excitement with the shots she was taking was apparent, and her enthusiasm helped us enjoy our day even more. Reflecting back on our wedding, everything seemed to pass in a blur, but Becca was able to capture so many amazing moments. We got along really well and we were happy that she even stayed after she was finished shooting to enjoy the party. Becca is patient and thoughtful, and has an excellent eye for detail. We were lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her!" - Melissa & Noah

"We feel really lucky to have found Becca. From our first meeting she was friendly, enthusiastic, full of ideas, and easy to talk to. Leading up to the day, I felt confident that Becca understood what we were looking for. On the day of, she gently took charge during group photos (which was much needed!), and helped us relax and have fun. We don't typically take photos of ourselves, and the photos taken by Becca are some of the few that we have. These photos are wonderfully special to us, and Becca's attention to detail and thoughtfulness made them even more special." - Zorianna & Marco

"I had the pleasure of working with Becca on a very unique wedding.  We had 3 weeks to plan my best friend’s wedding, to ensure that a young member of his family who was terribly ill was able to be there.  Becca was able to capture the wedding beautifully, but more importantly, she captured everyone’s nicest moments with our young 'maid of honour.' Her professional approach allowed her to do this like a fly on the wall, without anyone taking notice. Her photos are treasured daily by many of the family members that attended. Despite having to deal with a third party (myself) for all of the arrangements, she asked all of the right questions and was able to achieve the aesthetic that the couple were looking for without ever having contact with them. I can’t thank Becca enough for making it so easy." - Sam, Best Man of Melissa & Marc

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