{Introducing} Gift Card :: Cambie Design

I'm excited to introduce a new series to the blog today, something a little different than the usual wedding or portrait post. Last year while visiting Vancouver for a friend's wedding, my boyfriend and I were searching for the perfect present, as the picked over wedding registry left us less than inspired. A single kitchen knife, bathroom towel, or salad spinner just didn't seem like the right fit, so we spent the morning hunting down an appropriate gift for our friends. Upon discovering a beautiful shop in the neighbourhood we were staying in, we put together a themed gift that was both beautiful and useful. At the wedding I could barely hold in my excitement, and admitted to the bride where we'd purchased their gift. She exclaimed "You found my favourite store in Gastown!" We were thrilled by her excitement and knew we'd made the right choice finding something a little different for our friends.

This experience got me thinking. As a long-time advocate of independent shops, how could I showcase the selection of goods that are hiding in different corners of the city that would make unique and unexpected gifts for couples when the classic registry just isn't cutting it? I decided to go to the source: the shop owner. I've asked the owners of some of my favourite shops to put together a "wedding registry" to their own store, with the option to package gifts ranging in price from $100 to $400, so there's something to suit every budget and discover something new along the way. For our first post, I'm excited to introduce Camille Byrne of Cambie Design, who's put together two beautiful gifts!


Cambie Design is a small home decor shop located in the vibrant Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto. Focusing on thoughtfully made product, the store has become best known for its bright textiles from Peru, particularly their popular Cambie blankets. The blankets are custom made and designed by owner Camille Byrne who also sources all of the traditional Peruvian textiles (rugs and cushion covers) from the Andes Mountains. Cambie proudly supports local makers and designers as everything else found in shop is Canadian made. Having grown up travelling between homes in Canada and Peru, Camille hopes to provide you with unique and beautiful pieces for your space.


Gift Option 1
Classic Cambie blanket - $100 (+ tax)

"By far our most popular item, the Cambie blanket is sure to be a hit with the new couple. Always well received and at a great price point, a blanket makes a thoughtful gift for the home, adding warmth to any space."

Gift Option 2
Two Peruvian pillow covers, Cambie candle, sage smudge stick, ceramic dish - $150 (+ tax)

"The handmade cushion covers are one of a kind, bright, colourful and fun. Blue sage from Province Apothecary is traditionally used in smudging ceremonies, prefect for cleansing a space and starting out this new chapter together. Paired with a gold dipped ceramic dish from Akai Ceramic Studio, functional and ideal to beautifully display the bundle of sage. Finally, a softly scented soy candle to round out this inviting gift for the newlywed couple and their home."

Thanks for the visit, Camille! I'm definitely eyeing those pillows for my home now! Next month we'll feature a new shop, so keep your eyes peeled!